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Sentimentality & nostalgia play a huge part in what forms West Cork based Slick Vintage.

The originality & care of made to last pieces which actually meant something to someone once & the fact that they can call to people again to give them another go of life, well- that to me is great!


Probably born an old soul I've worked in Vintage for over a decade as a stall trader & Vintage website owner in my 20's along with working in Vintage stores in Cork City. I launched back into the vintage world with this site in 2022, initially named A Curious Pair Vintage. We rebranded in 2023 to a shorter more punchier name which would also describe the goods..- 'slick'..thus Slick Vintage was born!


'Lovely & original pieces at affordable price points' was always & will always continue to be my brand mantra when hand picking Slick Vintage goodies throughout Europe. With a choice of pre 1940s to 80s vintage costume jewels & accessories, I hope you stumble across something you love here that you can give another go of life to. 


Which ever piece you pick, I hope you keep it slick!




Ps. Follow us on Instagram for any news/updates on site listings.

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